Have pants, will travel…over walls

When I was in high school, two of my closest buds and I bought the same pair of pants. Just like the epic girl squad movie, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, we were all very different body shapes but we all looked smoking in those pants. They were cargo pants. Looking back, we might not have looked as hot as we thought we did but we loved them and it felt like those pants celebrated how different we were. So it feels appropriate to highlight America Ferrera, not only as one of the featured actresses in that awesome film (mock all you want, that movie is the cat’s meow), but as the dedicated advocate/ally who works to bridge her profession with her beliefs.

Since BrowneyedJude might not be the only one who doesn’t understand how Ms. Ferrera fit into our blog’s aestethic, let me fill you in on a few details of her activism:

  • Was opening speaker at the Women’s March on Washington last week
  • Serves as the spokesperson for Voto Latino, a nonpartisan organization that encourages Latinos to engage in politics
  • Has spoken at rallies and events around the country for immigration reform
  • Received the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Global Women’s Rights
  • Featured in the documentary, Half the Sky, with Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn
  • Starred in the recent biopic about Cesar Chavez, the labor activist who founded the National Farm Workers Association
  • Served as a Save the Children Artist Ambassador and raised funds to open an elementary school in Mali

Her speech at the march was something to watch but I think the following quote really sums it up for me:

“He would like us to forget the words ‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ and instead take up a credo of hate, fear, and suspicion of one another. But we are gathered here and across the country and around the world today to say, Mr. Trump, we refuse.” – America, at the Women’s March on January 21.


You keep doing you, girl. And in the meantime, if you need a fifth person for your traveling pants sisterhood, I have precedent. I can help out and join your squad. Your people seem pretty fun.


*Note on the previous post, blueberry kombucha is gross – QJ


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