Mustang Sally*

Sally Yates is my current model for BAMF. In this bananas world that we live in now, where even the South Park creators feel like our current political climate has made satire become real, Ms. Yates came out and spoke on her principles and her professional obligation. (ICYMI she told Department of Justice attorneys not to defend the immigration ban because she was convinced it wasn’t lawful).

When I started looking into this awesome woman, I realized that she really doesn’t care who you are. If you are breaking the law, she’s coming for you.


Before this week, her other notable BAMF moments:

  • She led a successful prosecution in a HUGE corruption case in Atlanta, involving the city airport and the Democratic mayor. The mayor and his posse even waged a counter-attack during the investigation to try and convince people that she was against black officials. She persevered and the mayor went to jail for 30 months. 3ca9579c2a477f3627138261ea85efa6
  • She was the lead prosecutor of Eric Robert Randolph, the actual bomber of the 1996 Olympic games (if you remember, Richard Jewell was falsely accused although he was really a hero for discovering the bomb and evacuating the area).
  • She was the first woman to serve as the US Attorney in the Northern District of Georgia
  • She’s been working closely with President Obama to alleviate the burden of overly long prison sentences for drug offenders.

I love the shock that her statement provided to politicians. I mean, it’s not like she didn’t tell them it was coming. I am a little disappointed that no one asked Jeff Sessions the same question during his confirmation hearings in committee. It seemed mighty important to him a few years ago.

She’s been nominated for the John F Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. Whether she will get it remains to be seen but in these heavy times, I feel like we are going to have a lot of people who qualify under this award’s criteria. If she does win, she will be joining quite the lofty crowd.

There has been lots of discussion on whether or not she should have said anything or just quit. I’m glad she said something. Her resignation would have disappeared in the media cycle and I believe Americans needed to know that there were officials that didn’t believe in the ban. Her statement was essentially her resignation letter. She’s smart enough to know that this administration does not like people who defy them. She simply cared more about the law than preserving her short term gig. I can’t wait to see what she does next.



*I’m not 100% sure what this song means, even though it is super catchy. I’ve read the lyrics about a thousand times and either Mustang Sally is a woman who will not be controlled by anyone OR she is the woman that the singer needs to control through her car. I’m going with the first interpretation. My first introduction to this song was the movie The Commitments, which is also complicated.


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