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If you don’t watch the news, I’m not sure why you read this blog. If you haven’t been paying close attention, you might have missed some of the fierceness that a couple of our previously featured ladies have unleashed on the world in the past week or so.

Representative Maxine Waters

Sometimes the only positive thing about the past few months is the increase of coverage of Marvelous Maxine. Last week, Bill O’Reilly decided to comment on Rep. Waters’ hair rather than the truth-to-power statements she has been making on the House floor. Just like every bully, O’Reilly tried to take away from the power of what she was saying by focusing on her appearance. This kind of ridiculousness even has a specific name – misogynoir – a form of misogny specifically focused on African American women. But in grand Maxine Waters fashion, she was not letting his obnoxious comments get to her.

I am a strong black woman. I cannot be intimidated, and I am not going anywhere. #BlackWomenAtWork – Representative Maxine Waters


Sally Yates

You’d think people should know better than trying to silence Sally Yates. I mean, even from our short profile on her, it’s abundantly clear that she does not take BS from anyone. The recent attempt to keep her from testifying about the possible links between Trump’s campaign and Russian officials are almost laughable. SHE’S SMARTER THAN YOU, YA’LL!

Trying to say that anything she might know would be covered by privilege is ridiculous. Even I know that wasn’t going to work because I watched West Wing and I will never forget Oliver Platt telling Allison Janney that he wasn’t her lawyer and nothing she said was covered by client-attorney privilege. Granted, WW is fictional and Oliver Platt was technically White House Counsel but still. Unsurprisingly, Ms. Yates and her band of lawyers clapped back with actual law and informed them how dumb they were (actual lawyer speak). In response, they cancelled the hearing. They were so afraid of Sally Yates that they cancelled the meeting.




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